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Long before the leaders of our time decided to discuss the issues of world politics in an exclusive circle, the 8.000.000 Japanese gods gathered at the shrine of Izumo every October. This meeting of the gods, known as "Kaminarisai," is to be called the G8.000.000 summit here. On 30. In September, the ensemble "Elektro Kagura" welcomes the Japanese deities at the WABE Theatre to celebrate the departure for their summit at the Izumo Shrine.

Elektro Kagura is a Japanese-French interdispicical artist group founded in February 2016 that brings digital painting together with Ichi Go (JP), with Yukihiro Ikutani (JP) and with AXL OTL (FR) electronic live music.

On 30. September the group, this time enriched by the dancer Ismaera (JP), will perform the traditional Japanese Kagura dance in the WABE Theatre and, as a medium of the various gods, represent their peculiarities, contrasts and complexity. If black meets white, don't turn out grey.

Comes and marvels at the message of a millennia-old tradition of the gathering of the gods: If the Almighty God of Rage is able to have a beer with the young god of the Internet connection, the world may still be saved!

The sacred dance "Kagura," which is still performed today in Japanese shrines, makes it possible to get in touch with the numerous gods of the Shinto Pantheon. It is not a question of a particular step sequence, but of translating the divine energy into motion. Elektro Kagura offers a modern view of ancient Japan, where divine energy is replaced by electricity, myths are told through comics projected on the wall, and the music comes from synthesizers and computers, and in which viewers ' feelings are told by Live painting. Elektro Kagura asks a modern question in search of old answers.

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Long before our world leaders decided to meet regularly and discuss about the matters of this world privately, the 8.000.000 gods of Japan were gathering each October in the shrine of Izumo. This festival is called Kaminarisai, but we call it G 8.000.000. This year, on 30th September, the group Elektro Kagura the benefits of Japan in WABE before they leave for Izumo. 

The Berlin-based group is composed of the dancer Ichi Go (JP), the digital painter Yukihiro Ikutani (JP) and the French composer AXL OTL (FR) and will be joined by the dancer Ismaera (JP). Together they will perform their kagura dance and let the spirits and pure energy talk through their bodies and unite with all their differences, contrasts and complexities, because sharing is when black meets white without having to turn grey. 
Come and behold the message of a millenium tradition–after all, if the almighty God of Wrath is able to drink a beer with the young God of Internet Connection, maybe our world will find its way to salvation. 
電気神楽 Electro Kagura is a young project which started in February 2016, combining dance, digital painting and live electronical music. The sacred dance Kagura, still danced today in Japanese shrines, is a way to have a conversation with the numerous gods of the Shinto Pantheon (kami). There are actually traditional form or steps, it is based on translating the divine energy into movement. We propose a modern version of the ancient Japan, where the divine energy is replaced by electricity, where the myths are described with comics on the walls, where music is played on synthesizers and computers, where feelings are enhanced by overlapping live painting. Electric Kagura is a modern question in search of an ancient answer.